About me

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Owner at PINTXOS bar & bistro (Mechelen, BE)

Freelancer in graphics design, user interface design ,art direction , photography.

// Graphics / UI-design / Photography work for
Bureaus: Creneau International, Duval Guillaume, Namahn, Amphion, Nascom, These Days, One Agency, Pure Communication, Nivario, …
Clients: Sony, Cisco Systems, BePost, Carrefour, Telenet, Jupiler, Leffe, Nutricia, Christelijke mutualiteit, Jetair, the city of Vilvoorde and bakeries and guitarists alike.

// Interested in
Freelance design-, interior decoration-and hospitality consultancy. Basically, at the moment I have time to help you in means of advice about my fields of expertise, but not to create/develop anything.

// Largely irrelevant background
I was a 14-ish kid when the internet slowly began to emerge in peoples houses. I was a very early adopter, through free ISP cd-roms I obtained at promotional give-aways, that would only cost the price of the phone line you’d use with a dial up modem. To my parents’ great distress I have to add. Few years later I was writing HTML, and had just discovered Macromedia Flash. Which at that point was the first ever program, apart from MS paint, that had given me some tools to actually draw, and in the case of Flash, draw me an interface. Nice.
Years of semi-useless school, self-acquired skills and wisdom-packed experiences later, I find myself working as a freelance graphics designer and user-interface designer for several of the coolest Belgian bureaus in web and print. Cool!
At this point I somehow stumble upon a cheap digital reflex camera. Which, over time, seems to transform in a rather large and heavy digital reflex camera. And before I know it I’m running around, out of the office, into the wild, taking pictures of people, events, shows, buildings. For a while tho. Soon I learned I should buy a smaller and smarter camera and focus on shooting what I truly want to. And so I decide I don’t want to turn that hobby into a fulltime profession.
Life goes on however and then there’s my chef brother, reminding me how I promised to open a restaurant with him when he was ready for it. Which of course I had forgotten at that point, but even as a seemingly new idea it did seem pretty great. I guess mostly I was tired of computer screens. But I did happened to have a couple of very good restaurant-concept ideas, of which I was certain they could be a succes.
So we enter a new era. One of hardcore business-startupy things, renovation project-management, furniture-choosings and countless other f***ing hours of trying to find the right shit (like glasses, plates, spoons and a bazillion other shenanigans) all behind that computer screen again. All swiftly followed by the opening-day and finding yourself being shoved into a completely different lifestyle and work-rhythm, with no experience in the branche whatsoever. Seriously it’s hilarious. It’s also many other things, like extremely exhausting, painful, alienating and horrifying!
But I’m getting used to it at an amazing pace. And for all the agony, I feel there’s twice the love and satisfaction. And that’s more emotion and excitement I’m getting from this job than any other I ever had. Oh.. and did I mention the restaurant is running like a goddamn hyperloop-train? I invite you to drop by! Addressing me about my hyperloop-train will assure you a drink on the house.